Our product portfolio includes a full range of laparoscopic instruments.
Laparoscopic Instruments

A full range of laparoscopic instruments that meet the needs of all laparoscopic types of surgery . The instruments have an ergonomic handle, advantage of monopolar diathermy connection, a rotating insulated, 33cm long shaft. The grasping instruments are equipped with a rachet mechanism. The rotation knob has a different color depending on the type of the instrument. 

  • Grasper Blunt
  • Grasper Clinch
  • Dissector Maryland
  • Scissor Curved

Our trocars have a transparent cannula with integrated thread for better stabilization in the abdominal wall. They are equipped with a lancet-shaped lance for easy and less traumatic penetration into the abdominal wall and have a connection cannula to provide CO2. They also have a detachable head. The 10mm and 12mm trocars have a built-in reducer, 5-10mm and 5-12mm respectively, so that instruments of various diameter tools can be inserted and extracted.

Trocars of 5mm, 10mm and 12mm.

Retrieval Bag

Single use retrieval bag for laparoscopic procedures with diameter shaft 10mm, lengt 33cm and maximum capacity of bag 500 mL.

Suction Irrigation

The implant Disposable cornette-type suction irrigation for use in laparoscopic procedures. The instrument’s shaft has a diameter of 5mm and a length of 33cm. The device has different colour buttons for suction and for irrigation, it has the capability to receive cauterization needles and has a flexible and long tube system for suction and irrigation. The tip of the shaft is equipped with holes for 360° irrigation.